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content marketing

Content marketing is an activity aimed at acquiring new customers and building long-term relationships with them through interesting, valuable content. It is a long-term activity, involving a specific group of recipients and aimed at arousing their interest in the brand or company. These activities are usually carried out on the Internet, but they can also go beyond its areas in the form of industry articles, leaflets, guides, etc. It is a kind of dialogue with the target group, whose company or brand provides valuable texts, advice, and also responds to their needs. The most commonly used content marketing tools are: blogs, newsletters, online guides and own, updated in terms of content, website. We offer:


* production of photo sessions,

* production of advertising films,

* production of programs with brand/product placement



Influencer is an authority of our time. The opinion of a well-known and liked person is authentic and engaging, in short - more valuable than gold! Thanks to the influencer's recommendation, your product will reach a new group of potential customers for the brand or will strengthen its good image among current recipients. We can boast of close relations and experience in cooperation with influencers: journalists, bloggers, YouTubers and Instagramers from various industries. We work exclusively with some of them. From a million opinion leaders, select those who feel the taste of your brand.

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