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marketing & public relations

Magnifico Marketing & PR Consultants is operating on the Polish market since 2003. Our goal is customer satisfaction. The agency is part of a group of companies managed by one team of managers, thanks to which it provides comprehensive services through access to specialists in other areas of communication, such as: digital, social media, SEO and SEM, Visual Merchandising, graphics and copywriting, cooperation with celebrities and influencers.          


We are also one of the few Polish PR agencies belonging to the Association of Public Relations Agencies. 

We drive activities in the area of strategic public relations. We know the power of communication and its impact on consumer behavior. Being experts in the areas of: public relations and marketing, we know what our client's audience reads, watches, talks about and listens to. What's more - we know how to reach it, how to manage communication and how to influence attitudes. 

Karolina Maria Siudyła

CEO / Owner

PR & Marketing Expert / Visual Merchandising Expert

/ Public Speaker / University Lecturer

Has 20 years of experience in planning and implementing communication strategies. Since 2003, she has been managing an agency specializing in marketing and public relations. Since 2015, after completing training in London and Milan, she also offers services in the field of Visual Merchandising for clients in Poland and around the world. She lectures at three universities and participates in trainings.



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