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PR services:
Corporate PR,
product PR,
Crisis PR


Strategic public relations is an individual and comprehensive approach that takes into account such elements as:

  • getting to know the client, his needs, image and business goals,

  • getting to know the client's business environment and his target group,

  • appropriate selection of communication channels and tools,

  • media/customer environment audit,

  • preparation of materials for working with the media and the client,

  • media monitoring and analysis,

  • creating ideas that meet communication and business goals,

  • professional communication and relationship management,

  • building permanent and lasting relations with journalists,

  • generating organic publicity,

  • crisis management,

  • providing services at a high and satisfactory level,

  • reporting results.


We select the tools in such a way that the whole puzzle is the best possible composition embedded in the right environment.


& Brand Identity

Developing a marketing communication strategy serves to build brand positioning and strength. Our professionals will create the right message for your brand and create the history of the brand. Thanks to the meticulous segmentation of the target group, we will adjust the way of communication to the right target group. We will propose PR, marketing and promotional solutions, and we will also take care of your presencein social media, which we will fully monitor for you.

Graphic designers and art directors specializing in branding and Corporate Identity cooperating with us will design original logotypes for new brands and/or prepare professional Brand Books. We will develop a brand architecture for you, design a graphic language for it or, if necessary, refresh your trademark.


social media


New media have revolutionized the world of communication and have been an element of every communication strategy for several years. However, simply being present in the world of social media is not enough. A team of experts and enthusiasts who are more often on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter or YouTube than at home should be responsible for your organization's communication in social media. With this in mind, we have built the MAG# team, which works with over five thousand influencers on a daily basis!


MAG# is a group of specialists in the field of 360* communication strategy online. The representatives of the team belong to generations X, Y and Z, which are considered to be the best understanding of the Internet environment and communication in social media. 


MAG# are professionals with many years of experience in the industry, in various specialties: from graphic designers awarded in competitions for the best design projects, branding and corporate identity specialists, to experts in the field of website positioning.


We will not only create, optimize and comprehensively run your brand's channels in social media, but we will also increase the effects of organic activities thanks to effective SocialAds efficiency campaigns. 


MAG# is a response to market needs as well as changing trends and tools in communication. 


We organize company events, integration events for small and large companies based on the highest standards. Because we eagerly follow event trends, we are always one step ahead: we prepare non-standard creative ideas and original, memorable attractions for a long time.


We create a program tailored to the individual needs of each client. 


Depending on the needs, we provide: appropriate location of event events, technical and multimedia facilities, catering, accommodation, promotional materials and invitations for guests and participants.





Influencer is an authority of our time. The opinion of a well-known and liked person is authentic and engaging, in short - more valuable than gold! Thanks to the influencer's recommendation, your product will reach a new group of potential customers for the brand or will strengthen its good image among current recipients. We can boast of close relations and experience in cooperation with influencers: journalists, bloggers, YouTubers and Instagramers from various industries. We work exclusively with some of them. From a million opinion leaders, we will pick out those who feel the taste of your brand.

content marketing

Content Marketing is an activity aimed at acquiring new customers and building long-term relationships with them through interesting, valuable content. It is a long-term activity, involving a specific group of recipients and aimed at arousing their interest in the brand or company. These activities are usually carried out on the Internet, but they can also go beyond its areas in the form of industry articles, leaflets, guides, etc.


It is a kind of dialogue with the target group, whose company or brand provides valuable texts, advice and also responds to their needs. The most commonly used content marketing tools are: blogs, newsletters, online guides and a website updated in terms of content.


We offer:


  • production of photo sessions,

  • production of advertising films,

  • production of programs with brand/product placement,

  • influencer product placement

and many other (sometimes even non-standard) services, meticulously matched to the character of your brand.



A new space on the map of Warsaw, where there are: a restaurant, a wine bar, architectural and culinary studios.


MAGSHOWROOM is to be a fashion corner of this extraordinary place. A source of inspiration for stylists and influencers.


An intimate atmosphere and only 10 fashion brands that are not mutually exclusive in their offer. Professional Public Relations and Social Media services.

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